Bot configuration to trigger action when a value changes

Hi everyone,
I’m creating an app to write data on a Google Sheet, this sheet is used by another application which changes some values in the Sheet.
My intention is to create a bot to send email or notification to the user who made the entry when the status of the entered line changes (e.g. the ack column status change from"empty" to “OK”).
I’ve done some tests but didn’t work, do you have any suggestion?

Unfortunately triggering events between applications is not yet supported as the detection of a change is done when the app updates the sheet. So if App A updates the sheet, App B is unaware of it.

Hello @Dan_Bahir , thanks for your answer, this is what I suspected. Is there any workaround I could use in order to trigger an action when a field is changed is Sheet not by Appsheet?

You could have a bot in App A have a web hook step which will call the AppSheet Api which will update a dummy column via the API which will intern invoke a bot on App B.

Link to the API update documentation, Updating Records in a Table | AppSheet Help Center