Bot does not run despite satisfying condition

This is my first question, but I am a bit stuck here.

I have 2 bots set up. One is changing data, creating a new row in another table and the second one I set to check for that new entry with ADDS_ONLY and then send me an email. This first bot is working fine, a new line appears in the sheet, but the second does not run. I tried it with another of my tables it works, but not with the one I need.
It seems the first bot is blocking the second… But how and why?
Thank you for your help!!

Check the Automation Monitor to see the results of the individual runnings of each bot:


Currently a change that one Bot does will not cause other bots to trigger. We are working on functionality to allow this and it will be released soon.


@Marc_Dillon and @Dan_Bahir Thank you for your response!

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I came back on the problem and I see that when a bot makes a change in deleting a row that change triggers another bot for me, but not the change when adding a row. Is that correct?