Bot > How to use Return Value in Call a process?

Hi there,

In this Bot, I need to call a process which would use a value (in Process inputs) returned by the step before.

In this exemple, Step : Value of Schedule Window +1 returns “SW+1”

In the next Step : Call Add Schedule Window, I need to use “SW+1” as one of the Process inputs.

How should I proceed?



Your image didn’t make it. Please reattach.

Looks like have added a “Return values” step (Step: Value of Schedule Window+1) in the “Yes” branch of your “Branch on a condition” step and you are trying to use one of the return values from that step in the “Call process” step (Step: Call Add Schedule Window) that is immediately below it.

Typically the “Return values” step is the last step you would have in a process as it returns from there, you wouldn’t place it before the “Call process” step. That’s why you are most likely getting the error.

Please review the help article for additional information.

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