BOT not triggering on external row add

I have twilio set to add a data row to a google sheet when a new inbound SMS is received, which is part of my appsheet. But, it isn’t triggering any of the BOTS i have when new row is added.

Does anyone know why this would be?


Bots are only triggered by changes made within the app itself, or when a spreadsheet user makes manual changes when using External Eventing. Changes made by external processes do not trigger bots. Instead, your external processes will have to use the API to invoke actions.

Thanks a lot for clearing that up Steve.

All the documentation is very clear on sending SMS messages through twilio from Appsheet, but, im finding it very difficult to find out how to get SMS replies back into Appsheet. Is there any documentation/tutorials on how to go about it.

There is no support for ingesting inbound SMS (or email) in AppSheet.

Thanks Steve

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Hi Steve,

Its taking me a while to try and understand APIs and Webhooks, but from my understanding between Appsheet and external data sources is that Appsheet will not pull data from an external data source but, if the external data source will allow, it can push data to appsheet. In turn that will allow BOTs to be triggered from within appsheet.

So my question is, are you aware if Twilio is able to push data to app sheet by invoking the appsheet API.

I have no experience with Twilio, so can’t address its capabilities specifically; but any service that is capable of making API calls should be able to push data into AppSheet.