Bot not working

I’m trying to build a bot that is triggered by an action. So I have a bot that uses an even that is triggered by any updates to my table, then the process has a tree that uses multiple conditions to decide which task to use.
When I hit my action I can see that my table is updated, but no task is being triggered. Is there a way I can look at what’s happening to the logic?
Is the event being triggered, or is it not making it through my condition tree?

go to your bot and click the monitor button. Took like a grand total of 2 minutes to load my 2 logs so far so maybe get something to drink while you wait for it. I think this is technically just the monitoring app itself.

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Yep, I did not. It’s not registering anything. Big blank page… I don’t think my event is being triggered. I took off all conditions, and selected all_changes to see if anything happens, and I still get a big bowl of nothing burgers.

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I got a blank page for the longest while too. It suddenly started working for me yesterday.
Definitely would rate the monitoring app a 0 star on the play store.

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@prithpal ^^

In case anyone is wondering, I created a workflow that is a mirror of the bot. The “When this happens” is exactly the same as the automation “Event.” The “Run these tasks” are exactly the same as the bot “Process.”

The workflow works, and the bot… well that isn’t doing anything for me. Am I doing something wrong?

@School_Bus can you share your event & steps/task configuration as a screenshot.

@School_Bus What Bots do you have defined on the Bots tab ?

Can you use the test functionality on the Bot ?

I only how two bots “Create Onboard Documents” and “Create Individual Documents”

When I test, I get a big nothing burger. Which makes sense, because these trigger on changes to the a table, so I’m not sure what’s suppose to show up when I test.

Bot does not automatically trigger for me as well. When the googlesheet data changes, it does not automatically trigger the event. I hope the sync is not live feed or is there any better way to achieve it.

I just want to identify if the data got changed in one sheet and trigger a notification LIVE within seconds.

So it looks like the condition needs to have something in it. You can’t just do adds_only, or updates_only. In the condition you need something even if it is as simple as “True” for the bot to register. Appsheet support team figured it out for me.

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If you want to have your bots trigger when a Google Sheet changes manually, then please make sure you have done the necessary external configuration. See the section for “External Data Change Events” in the help article.