Bot Question - Count of Records Created By Specific Users


I’m trying to use a bot to send a notification anytime a users count of field inspections gets over a certain number for the day.

Here’s what my table looks like:

I’ve tried creating a condition expression that can capture the specific user name (technician) and the count of any one of the columns (doesn’t matter which one because I clear that table out daily) but I can’t seem to figure it out. Again, I’m hoping the lack of timestamp, etc. doesn’t matter, and that a COUNT will work because I clear the table every day. I’ve been trying something along the lines of:

AND([Technician] = “”, (COUNT[OS_ASSET_ID] > 400))

Can anyone lend me a hand?


You need to count a list, not just a column. So you need to include the table.
You can look here: COUNT() | AppSheet Help Center