Bot to create an entry on to a table daily

So I would like to do the following:

I have a “Time Log” app/table set up where employees log there time (Like a timesheet). Go to a service call, & at the end of your service call you log your time and what you did. I would like to create a Bot that daily looks at my “Active Employee” app/table , and then looks at my “Time Log” app/table and for any employees that haven’t logged time for the day and creates a 0 time entry for that employee.

Here’s What I have so far:

The Event:

I presume the “Condition” will be (in basic English I’ll figure out the actual formulas later):

If someone from this list:

1 Bob
2 Jane
3 Tim
4 Gail

Dosen’t appear in the time logs that match todays date, then run this bot for each employee missing a log for today’s date.

The process is my stumbling block here. I can’t find a way for it to run an action to create a new entry via the bot. Is there even a way to do what I want?

Here is my thought of how to tackle this:

Have a for each row event on the “Active Employee” table.

This will case the process to be invoked for each row (each employee).

Have an If/Else step checking the “Time Log” table to see if you have the entries you are expecting. My guess is that the expression will be something like this COUNT() | AppSheet Help Center.

If there are no entries you can use a data change action that add a new row to another table to add what you need to the “Time Log” table.

Hope this helps.

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I think I understand what you’re saying. You’re basically going at the task from the active user side rather than from the time logs side.

But the question still exists how do I schedule the action with a Bot automatically. Everyday at 11:59pm the list looks at my list of active users and finds all users who have not entered a time log and then makes a time log with a value of 0 hours logged for each of the missing entries.

I can figure out the testing formula on which employee’s do not have time log entries on any given day. That’s not the difficult part for me.

How do I trigger an action, with a scheduled Bot?

Turn on “For Each Row In Table”, Event: The Essentials | AppSheet Help Center.

That will execute the bot for each on of the rows in the “Active Employee” table at the specified time.

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I understand that. My question still stands, how do I trigger an action, with a scheduled Bot? I understand how to set up the “Event” section of the Bot.

The Process section has only 6 options.

  • Run a Task (Email / Send Notification / Send SMS / Call Web hook / Create File)
  • Run a data action (not selectable under schedule event)
  • Branch a condition
  • Wait for Condition
  • Call a process
  • Return Values

None of these seem to be able to run an “Action”. What am I missing?

I have read all of the documentation, the only mention of “Action” is this…

I am trying to have the schedule event trigger this…

A predefined action that I make that creates and fills out a row in the Time Log

In your bot image above you have a Step named “Create Time Log Entry”, when you select it you should be presented an option run an action. See the image below.



I couldn’t get that option to work. It wouldn’t allow me to select it for some reason. So I deleted the Bot, recreated it and away we go! I knew something was fishy on my end, I just needed to know what.

Super awesome! Thanks all for the guidance.

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