Bot to generate csv files are creating duplicate empty files

Hello, I have a bot that requires the system to create 3 csv files and attach them to an email for sending when the user presses a button.

  • The change event triggers and files generate fine except 2 of the files are duplicated so instead of 3 files I’m getting 5 files and of course the email isn’t generating at this point. Also the 2 extra files are empty (see image below)

  • I’ve checked the bots, events, processes, and tasks and none seem to be duplicated in anyway.

  • I’ve done this many times in workflows without issue - first time trying this with bots and wonder if there are processes or tasks in the background or so, that are not visible to me.

Any help would be outstanding. Thanks so much

Attn @Dan_Bahir

Could you please send a mail to and allow support access to your app.

Thank you

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Hi Dan, I created a brand new bot from A-Z and it seems the issue was in the Generate Email task. Although there are only 3 files indicated in “Other Attachments”, 5 generated so there may be something in the background.

My new one is working as expected so you can close this out. If you’d like to take a look at task please let me know as I will otherwise do some cleanup.

Thanks Dan

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