Bot works when I test it, but it doesn't get automatically triggered


I’m new to AppSheet, so please bear with me.

I have built an Appsheet app based on data in Google Sheets. It works fine.
I have built my first bot that sends a Slack message triggered by an add to one of the sheets in Google Sheets.
The event shows up when I add a row, and when I click the Test button, the Slack message is sent successfully.
But, I want the bot to trigger automatically and send the Slack message.
How do I make that happen?
Is it possibly related to TriggerCondition=TEST?

Here is the event data:
“$type”: “V2API.AppProcessExecution.RaisedEvent, V2API”,
“AppTemplateId”: “50abfcc9-300a-43be-a93f-b99a1a0d72cc”,
“AppTemplateVersion”: “1.000053”,
“EventName”: “System Event”,
“EventId”: “-1”,
“EventInstanceId”: “fb9c31be-ee00-49c8-8b60-72b6f417d9db”,
“TableName”: “Q Once Off Revenue”,
“AfterImage”: {
“_RowNumber”: “12”,
“Name”: “ABC”,
“Quantity”: “1”,
“Compliance”: “”,
“Impl, Training, Business Plans”: “”,
“Talks and External Training”: “”,
“Total”: “”
“TriggerCondition”: “TEST”,
“BotIdToRun”: “e587ec71-5738-4f97-9d8c-60520722d226”,
“ProcessId”: “c30251dc-123f-469a-a715-c804892c7045”,
“ProcessInstanceId”: “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”,
“UpdateMode”: 0

Thank you for any help you can provide,

Is your app deployed?


As @Marc_Dillon and @Steve, have noted in their respective posts, apps that are undeployed (prototype mode) do not have all capabilities enabled. Whether this is the problem depends on how you have your Event implemented. For example, Scheduled Bots (those that run Daily, Monthly, etc) WILL NOT automatically trigger for undeployed (FREE) apps.

In your case, it would appear that you are attempting to use a webhook to connect to Slack’s API? I have not extensively used webhooks but I BELIEVE you should be able to test them, even in an automatic fashion, in undeployed apps…as long as the Bot is not a Scheduled Bot.

Yes. A trigger condition of the simple word “TEST” may cause it to result in FALSE. I don’t know this for sure as I have never tried it. I would remove it and try your test again.

If the idea was to place a comment identifying this bot Event as a “test” event, there is a documentation section at the bottom of the Event where you can insert a Descriptive Comment

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Thank you so much for the quick responses. I’m still stuck, though.

  • The app is deployed.
  • Is there even a way I can affect TriggerCondtion=TEST?
    • I never intentionally specified this.
    • Is there away I can affect the values of TEST?

I think I completely misunderstood what you meant by this originally. I thought you were referring to something you had intentionally placed in the Condition property of the Event within the Bot. I now realize (which I didn’t know before) that when you tap the Test button on the Bot, the TriggerCondition log entry reflects “TEST”.

So let’s back up for a moment. Can you provide us with an image of the Bot’s Event settings so we can see how you have set it up to run?


Thank you for your persistence! Sure, here are the Bot’s Event settings:

Thank you!

First, fyi, you don’t need the “(1=1)”, you can leave it blank and it will be treated as “true”.

There was a similar post just a couple days ago. After several back and forths it was realized that the user was adding rows through Google Forms - not from an AppSheet form. Are you adding your rows from a Google Form?

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Hi John:

Regarding the “1=1”, I was just experimenting with anything to try to make this work.

I am neither adding my rows through a Google Form, nor through an AppSheet Form. I am adding them directly onto a Google Sheet.

I have read in some places that this won’t work, and in other places that it would. So, you might be onto something here. I finally deduced (hoped?) that wasn’t the problem, though, because the events are, in fact, showing up in AppSheet (which makes me think it’s working) and everything seems to be in order EXCEPT they aren’t being automatically processed.

Any further thoughts?

You might check out this post. There is a linked video which may help to get things setup and a better understanding of what is expected.

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