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When creating an Event - I want a Data Change that triggers a Schedule - but the schedule needs to be 15 minutes after the data change trigger occurs (so not daily weekly etc).

So a user makes an entry that triggers a Bot timer and 15 minutes later an automated entry is made.

Is that doable?

Any help appreciated.

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Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability dynamically schedule processes to run. I think AppSheet is moving in that direction which is one of the main reasons for the new Automation implementation - my guess. For now, we can only create scheduled processes set to run at pre-determined times.

In the meantime, you can likely find an alternative approach to meet your needs. If not in AppSheet, there are many. many other software tools out there that you can link up with to accomplish your goals. In today’s online world, we don’t have to limit ourselves to a single tool. Of course, it comes down to time and money.

Let us know what you want to do and maybe we can help figure out an alternative approach!!


Hi @Jeremy_Atcliffe ,

We are working on a timed wait step that will allow you to wait a defined amount of time during the Bot execution.

That should be available in a couple months.



OK - good to know it’s not user error

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I’ll add it into an Integromat scenario until it becomes inbuilt in appsheet.

Thankyou for taking the time to give a detailed answer.

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