Bots don’t work

I want to delete some of the lines of a date (today -7), every day. But it doesn’t work
Like this
So it work with the button « run »

Thanks for your help


Is your app deployed ?
If not, please refer to this post, under the section “Why isn’t my bot running on the schedule I specified?”

here is the important sentence that may cause your issue:

Your bot will only run automatically on the specified schedule after your application has been deployed and you are on a paid pricing plan.

Let us know if that’s it :slight_smile:

EDIT: url link corrected

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No my apps is not deployed

And the post :

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


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Hi @Cyril_M

Sorry, I pasted the wrong link.
Just updated it :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for issue

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Bots don’t work with any event or schedule
If the apps is not deployed ?


That’s what is in the doc, yes.

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Since you are only trying to Delete a row, that should work regardless of deployment state. Emails and couple other features don’t work unless the app is deployed.

Check the Monitor. Did the bot run at all? You will see it listed in the Bots panel if it did.

If it ran, were any errors reported? Look through the bot run details for any clues.

Is the [Date] column actually defined as a Date type?

Lastly, do you have rows in the “Test Surg” table that meet the Date criteria. Yesterday was 8/22. Your criteria is “<” TODAY() - 7. So the [Date] would need to be 8/14 or earlier to be deleted.

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on the monitor the bot no run, it run correctly when i clic on « run »