Bots event triggered but no process

I wanted to send an notification when a new row added to google sheet,
The google sheet appsheet add-on did trigger an event in the automation (show in monitor) but no process after that, where went wrong?

Data - Table added

Add bot

Add Process

Testing ok - I did receive the notification

When I add new form submit to google form / add to google sheet, I did not receive any notification,
I check the monitor:

Only Event show data

:thinking: What’s wrong?

Hi @167

Could that be the reason ?
Section "How bots are not triggered"

Changes made directly to the spreadsheet or database

I assume the Google Forms proceed this way

I suggest you have a look there:

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@Aurelien Thanks for helping

I know why process was not trigger already.
Because the “run this process: this was auto set by system when select event name” and the process name that i set was different.

now that I set them to the same name, I was about to get the process moving but now task was not triggered

In the monitor

Process was trigger but I did not get notification.

Steps show in #3 (return-step)

Shouldn’t the #3 be the name of the task?
I have check the task name same in the process but task not trigger. :thinking:

I’m not sure about this, but if the app is not deployed, that may be the reason to why you don’t get notification in the end.
I know for sure emails go to app owner until it’s deployed.
It would make sense that the same happens with notifications.

Is your app deployed ?
What happens if you pick “email” instead of “notification”, in order to make sure the bot works properly ?

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Push Notifications DO work in a non-deployed app. But as in all communication types for non-deployed apps, the notification will only go to the App Creator.

To receive the notification, I think you need to be logged in to your authentication provider on the device AND have App Sheet installed. I believe having the App Sheet container is sufficient.


Thanks for clarification about notifications vs app deployment !
I thought so, but wasn’t 100% sure.

My app is deployed

I manage to get the bot “working” but slow and without notification :expressionless:

When new form submit, new event is trigger follow by pervious process and output was show success but phone does not show notification.

When submit No.1 form, event show No.1 data but no process
When submit No.2 form, event show No.2 data , Process show No.1 process input and output
Phone does not receive any notification at all.


This looks like a nice mystery :joy:

Just in case: is it possible that your phone is blocking any notification from AppSheet ?
(switching with email instead of notification to make sure the bot works, may be a good idea)

This part:

is weird.
@WillowMobileSystems , any idea about what may go wrong ?

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When App Sheet is installed, there is a settings section included for Notifications. In an iPhone this is found by going to Settings->Notifications->AppSheet.

Make sure Notifications have been set to “allowed” on the device and that the other settings are configured to your preferences.

If that all looks good then I would use @Aurelien 's suggestion - switch from Push Notification to Email to see if you can get that working.



when testing mode, notification can receive perfectly.
I try to remove all bot and retake everything again.

Nv give up :sweat_smile:

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After delete all the bots,

recreate the bots,
Data Change / Add only
Process - task

  • send email
  • send notification
  • send sms

Testing mode, all 3 method can receive perfectly

When using new submit in google form - google sheet, appsheet event to appsheet

Data show in event but NO PROCESS again :weary:

I have no clue about what is going wrong.
@WillowMobileSystems , do you know who can be addressed on this situation ?
At this stage, I would suggest to contact Support, but I have the intuition we are missing some key element.

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I have try all ways that I know of, but no luck in trigger the process, not sure what I miss out.
Testing mode, everything working fine, I can receive sms, email and notification.
Only when new form submit, data show in event and no process working.

Can any appsheet support help look into my account to see what is the issue?

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Request sent :pray:

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I tested the creation of a simple Bot to send a Push Notification when a new row was added. It all worked fine for me.

One thing caught my attention…“no process working”. There has been an issue for some when they have created a new Process that the associated Table was not set. I think this depends on HOW you add the Process.

I recommend checking your Process to make sure the proper Table is set. You can do this by opening the Process in the Processes tab. See the image below


@WillowMobileSystems thanks for pointing out

I have check on the table for event and process are the same table.

Not sure where else went wrong. :thinking:

Aside from that, am I right to say as long as all perimeter are set correctly then the testing can get through?
By right if testing can pass, the bot shouldn’t have any issue processing once the event is trigger. :thinking:

Right. But I’m curious…when you run a test how does the Bot know what row to send a notification on? I haven’t yet tried running a test on a Bot that sends notifications.

The fact that you are receiving notifications implies the Task and device are setup to properly send and receive the notifications.

The focus then needs to be on triggering the Bot.

  • You are adding a brand NEW row each time you test?
  • What happens if you change the Event to “All changes”?
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During testing mode, all rows will be show.
You can choose which row to test.

If you execute process (in red), all tasks(in blue) in that process will be trigger.
any task that are not properly done, will show red error at the header of that task.

Or you can test individual task by execute that individual task.

When that executed test is successful, APPSHEET will show successful on top

  • You are adding a brand NEW row each time you test?
  • What happens if you change the Event to “All changes”?
    Regardless of add new row or all changes,
    Appsheet event will show data of that row whenever that is a changes/new and see whether the condition are met to trigger the process

What I mean here is that when you attempt the automatic triggering of the bot by activity in the app, you are indeed adding a NEW row each time, not editing an existing row. Right?

Then I am asking if you change the Bot event to “All Changes”, what happens then when you add a new row? Does the notification get generated in that case?

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