BOTS, over engineered

Wow!!!, I haven’t had to update and change my apps in a while so for the last 5 hours I have been trying to set up a workflow, that would have taken 5 mins in the old format, but now we have a BOT!!!

All I want to do is if [Send PDF] column = “Yes”, then Send Email with PDF…

Is this 2 events, Create Email/Create PDF?

Got to admit, I prefer the old design, I think the whole process to setup a trigger and event is well over engineered for a No-Code platform.


You can create the event and steps all from the Bots page. Take a look at Bots: The Essentials | AppSheet Help Center.

Is this a BOT response?

Nope its a real person. Did you find the information you needed in the documentation ? Were you able to configure the Bot to send an email ?


Sorry for the delay in my reply, yes @Dan_Bahir I was, thank you.

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