Bots, Schedule Trigged Events problem

Hi, I came cross a strange phenomena - might be a bug:

I have a sheet “Project” against which a daily scheduled event will trig an action to add a row in another table called “Progress Report”. Progress Report has many columns with values automatically calculated. If I do it manually, all the calculated results are correct. Then I build a bot that will do the same action on daily basis. When I test the bot, I found that a row added as expected BUT all the columns which supposed to have automated calculated results are filled with ZERO, which looks to me that Appsheet has ignored all the needed calculation. I just can not figure out WHY. This seems like a Bug. so I report it.


Hi Tim,

This sounds very similar to Why does an Action clicked by the user uses the expressions written in the column section and when it is triggered by a Workflow, doesn´t?

We are working on fixing that and should deploy a fix soon.


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Yes. Indeed.

This issue has been fixed and should now be working as expected.

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I have checked and still the same results.