Bots to change status

I have created an app that I would like to have the Status of the project change based on when a date is filled out. I have 4 dates. 1. Date Received 2. Approval Date 3. Date Sent to Finance 4. Date Item Received

When the user placed a date in the date received i want it to change status to OPEN
but when a date is placed into the approval date I want the status to change to “Project Approved” I figured out how to make it set to open but I can not figure out how to get it to change beyond that.

Hi @Joseph_P_Walters_III

You may want to use an app formula for your status.
I advise to use a mix with IFS and ISNOTBLANK expression for your status expression.
For example:

    ISNOTBLANK([Date Sent to Finance]),
    ISNOTBLANK([Date Sent to Finance]),
    ISNOTBLANK([Date Sent to Finance]),
    ISNOTBLANK([Date Sent to Finance])
   ),"Project Approved",
  ISNOTBLANK([Date Received]),"OPEN",


Be aware that IFS expression works sequentially: this is why I test the your first expression in the last input.

Please see also:

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I would suggest exploring using Actions for this, especially if the date is always set to today’s date. You could have an action that sets the date and changes the project status at the same time. For example, new projects could have a Mark as Received action that sets the Received Date to today and updates the Project Status to Open. You could have another action called Approve Project that only appears for Open status projects, it would set the Project Approved date to today and update the Project Status to Project Approved. Each of these actions could use Project Status conditions so that you only see the relevant action for that status.

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