Brand Update: Logo and Color Usage

What is the controversy?


“Controversy” might be a strong word, just different viewpoints among us on the best way to implement it to support legacy themes and what will look best (for example should we allow a colored footer and white header even if it goes against the material UI spec). I will implement a version that allow for both a colored header and footer and hopefully that’ll be out soon.


I think it’s clear that a segment of the community is less interested in material theme adherence and more interested in their own branding. I hope that is considered among the differing viewpoints internally.


Ideally, the balance should be to get all the material UI spec nailed down for all the components is a simplified, modular way. And then allow several options to bend the spec. First up was this footer option. I like it as is. Next up, maybe do the same with header - default or theme color or something. Maybe a crazy option to drop the bottom menu altogether comes after. Simple bending here and there.

Its a balance though. As much as customers of AppSheet might want the ability to freely create a truly ugly experience, AppSheet, I’m sure to an extent, wants to limit how easy it is to make something that bad.

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Would be nice to at least have a ‘switch’ that would enable ‘Developer Mode’ so that people that know what they’re doing can do what they want and bend the rules UI wise. So you could have your pie and eat it too…


At different times over the years we’ve all talked about an advanced mode. The general consensus has been that the platform should remain easy enough to use that’s it’s fully featured, vs. certain things being hidden… I’m probably not wording that perfect.

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I personally hope that we could have a bit more flexibility as advanced users (who in most cases are building apps for clients - and not just as fun, weekend projects) … at least UI-wise :slight_smile: .

Just feels like UI updates take a while to come to life lately. Maybe it’s just my imagination…

I guess 2020 could be a slow year in terms of the development of the platform with everything that’s going on.


I think more than anything it’s the “integration” with google. The team is gaining a lot of resources, so there will be growing pains, and then they also now have to conform to specs…


At the very beginning, there was a simple editor and the advance editor.

In fact… check out this gem from way back.

(“Way back!?!” The video is less than 5 years old! :laughing: :laughing:)

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Good catch :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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That’s forever in apps and tech!

(otherwise I agree)

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That video makes me nauseous :nauseated_face:


Hello! I recently learned about appsheet and started creating an app for a client and unfortunately I cannot please the client due to some limitations that appsheet has.

So far my suggestions regarding customization:

1- the logo must be optional, place it to the left of the menu or to the right of the menu (for me in particular it looks much better to the right of the menu).
2- the menu icon is horrible. (They should place it as it was before).
3- It should be possible to change the color of the header and footer individually for each one (It should be possible to choose the color in HEXADECIMAL format).
4- Anywhere where you could choose a color it would have to be in hexadecimal format.

Thank you very much. I hope in the future very soon to be able to enjoy all these changes that I suggested.


Ficou muito legal essa atualização de UX, continuem trazendo essas novidades, abs!