Breaking long data entry form into pages or tabs

I have data entry forms based on slices of my data. I’ve read about adding page breaks or using tabs to break up the long data entry form. I can’t figure out how to get either to work.

  1. On the UX view option I set the page style to TABS but there was NO change in my form layout. What do I need to do?

  2. I read about adding virtual columns to my slice to use for page breaks but I don’t see how to add them.

Thanks for helping this newbie.


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Page breaks occur wherever a column of type show() and subtype page header exists.

You can create virtual show columns and position them as page breaks by arranging them in the slice. For virtual show columns, use “” as the app formula (a null formula).


Thanks. I didn’t realize I needed to add the virtual column to the table the slice was based on. Appreciate your help.

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Alternatively you can use physical columns as well.

@Lucinda_Mason if you take a look at some of the tables that are In-App Guides, Introducing A New Resource: In-App Guides, you can see how I’ve split different phases of each guide by pages.