Breaking References question.. So.. I have ...

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Breaking References question…

So… I have the following structure…

TABLES Students - Student (key), Completed Date, Registered Classes (Registrations REF) Registrations - Student, Class (combined key) Classes - Class (key), Start Date, End Date, Registered Students (Registrations REF)

SLICES Current Students - students where completed date is null Current Classes - classes where end date has not passed Students Pending Registration - students where COUNT of Registered Classes = 0

Here is the issue…

When I assign a student to a class… he’s no longer in the Students Pending Registration slice… so … the REF breaks between Students & Registrations

is there a way to REF back to Current Students? while showing the Students Pending Registration in the registrations form?

Thanks again …

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(Challa Ramakrishna) #3

@David_Hopkins, I don’t understand the question but I would like to remind you about the valid_if property on the column.

(Steven Coile) #4

It’s not clear how “the REF breaks between Students & Registrations” when you “assign a student to a class [because] he’s no longer in the Students Pending Registration slice”. How is the Students Pending Registration slice involved in the Ref between Students and Registrations?

(David Hopkins) #5

@Steven_Coile so…

Registrations runs against Student Registrations Slice… which in turn runs against students.

The slice says, if not registered then show. So, once the student is registered, they no longer appear in the slice.

I think im going to try @Challa_Ramakrishna’s recommendation, and revert the REF back to STudents with a “valid if” element that deals with the if not registered filter.

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Ok… So I pointed all of the REFs back to the actual table data rather than a slice, and used the Valid IF with the Select statement that made all of the slices work correctly. So… a little fine tuning and all of my REF links are working again … and I only see the appropriate items in the list…

So… WIN!

Thanks Guys for your help and direction…

@Challa_Ramakrishna @Steven_Coile

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@David_Hopkins I LOVE your first-comment hash-tag status indicator! What a great idea!

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Thanks @Steven_Coile Its the only way i can find stuff that is still open… so… the first comment is always hash-tag open … then I just change it when the issue has been solved, or fixed, or what ever… lol