Broadcast Notification Deep Link Bug

Deep link expressions entered into Broadcast Notification tab in Users do not save.

My process to send push notifications with a deep link:

  1. Enter in a title and body in the fields under Broadcast Notifications

  2. Enter the deep link expression (the expression shown was one I used recently that didn’t go to the view specified or force a sync when clicked) and click save

  3. Click send notification (the deep link expression didn’t show up after pressing save on the deep link pop up in step 2)

Further context: My app is one that is available in the app stores and is under a Publisher Pro license.


I have tested and also see this problem happening.


Me too, I just raised the identical issue on the community.

I raised this issue internally on May 4 in response to this post. I encourage those affected to contact so there’s a formal record of your concern.

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