Broadcast notification question

Does the app have to be open in order for the user to get the notification or just previously installed and opened at one point?

Trying to decide if this is useful. If it has to be open at the time the notification is sent probably not.

And where do the notifications go? I’ve tried a few times - app open, app running in background and never see anything

As far as your app user install appsheet and your app on the devices, the notification should be immediately pop up on their devices when you send notification from App editor.

If you still dont receive such notification, I suspect your are not ALLOWING the notification from Appsheet on your mobile, worth checking.


It was the notification settings on my phone . I fixed that but now my question is - i get the pop up notice on my phone but you can’t read it all and when you click on it the app opens and you still don’t get the full message.

What can I do about this?

For example if I’m sending a reminder to sign out - am I able to include a link to the detail view where they need to sign out? and if so, what is the expression for the direct view.

the length of the message readable on the notification is not length, just a few only, as notification should be intended to deliver the “brief” messages.

Yes, workaround sounds valid and feasible.

You create the particular view where you place the “full guide” with your own texts to guide the user to sign out whatsoever. Then when you place deeplink expression on notification withe expression of linktorow to that view.

There is not action available to force logout (I understood you want to let user to sign out from the app), only the button at the bottom part in MENU could do it. Just type the text on the detail view to guide your user, hey you need to go to menu on the top-left corner and find logout.
This detail view should be hidden all the time by REF position, and only accessible through the deeplink in your notification.