Broken Images On Card View

Hello, everyone.
I am facing a trouble with ‘card views’: The images never show. Only an indication of a broken link. Can someone help me with that?

Imagem 1

What is the image URL?

Does it have to be a URL? I was using an uploaded image within the app. As it was working on deck views, I thought it had to work on card view also. Now I tried with a URL and it worked. Thank you!

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But how do I insert the URL as an image from my app? Because I’ve put the URL directly on the spreadsheet but when trying from the app it won’t let me, I have only the upload option.

I seem to be having the same problem, when you upload a photo throught the app it will not show, however enerting the URL seems to work but not ideal.

Wondering if you have managed to find a solution yet?



Not yet. I am waiting for the Appsheet experts to solve this. Hehehe.

Already reported and fixed. Should show up within the next 24 hours.

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