Broken scroll

Hi Appsheet,

The vertical scroll bar doesn’t let me stop in the middle. It automatically brings me at the bottom so I can’t make edit to fields located in the middle of the form.

I am using Chrome Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build)


I’m unable to reproduce this. Anyone else having this problem?

I never knew that vertical scroll bar was there. :joy: Yes, mine jumps to the bottom on large tables. Same as another post where scrolling down has the same effect. Mac. Chrome. 59 columns in the table that I have issues with. Started happening past day or two.

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It seems to work up until the 20s then jumps to the end which is 59 for me. I wish the scroll bar would always be on screen, it seems to disappear even as I’m pulling it down and I have to scroll up and work to get it to appear again. Very unstable. That is why I probably didn’t notice it before. I was looking on the left side and even if I had looked on the right, it’s a here and gone again feature.


Hi Steve, did your table contain more than 50 columns? I can’t imagine it matters but I have around 20 non-virtual fields and 30 virtual fields. I can’t access the fields ~30 to 40 as the scroll automatically go at the bottom.
I also cleared my cache and still have the same behavior.

In this gif, I hold the mouse on the scroll bar to place it in on field #20 but it automatically scrolls all the way down which make it impossible for me to make edits on some fields!

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I have the same thing, never noticed this before.This is a single tick on my scroll wheel and its jumping from column 25-45

I can also re-create it on a 24 column table but only in the down scroll not in scrolling up.

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I am forced to create dummy virtual records so I can scroll to the fields I want… this is a nightmare.

Hi Alex,

We were able to reproduce and find the bug, which was introduced by one of our recent changes – the fix will be in production with our next rollout shortly. Apologies for the poor experience this has caused you and other customers.

Thank you for reporting this,


Perfect. Thank you!

@teambelair the fix has been deployed :slight_smile:


Thanks. It is working for me. 59 columns.


Can confirm as well.