Browser Crashing Problem

We run a fairly complex app with multiple users all with chrome browsers, and all are experiencing more and more frequent browser crashing. If you watch the task manager the memory starts at about 400MB, and as you start entering data and all the usual app functions, actions, workflows, etc., the memory climbs to about 2,500MB and then AwSnap!, here we go again.

This is happening on multiple devices at increasing frequency. Is there an explanation for this problem?

Do you have lot of photos and files in your app?

We add photos and files all the time, but at the moment there would be less than 800 images, but we use workflows to create hundreds of PDF documents every day, as well as upload scanned PDF’s as well. All these PDF files are held in Google Drive and only a few have a link from the app. Does that help?

Do you have these Offline options ON? “The app can start when offline” & “Store content for offline use”

I do have “The app can start when offline” ON, but “Store content for offline use” is OFF.

Please set the option as OFF and then test it again if the behavior is the same or not.

With both OFF, it has improved it a little. Be glad of any other suggestions.
What is the primary cause of this problem? I will have to start re-structuring the app to prevent this.

Try to clear default browser’s cache.

Still no better.

Does anyone know what the cause of this problem could be?