Browser Scroll Bars

Reported to me today that vertical scroll bars within a browser are no longer allowing users to scroll to the end of table views. The scroll bar is present but does not represent the true length of the list of data in the view. Attempting to use the scroll bar only moves the display by approximately one row. If the user has a scroll wheel he/she can scroll the entire list. Many of our users do not have a scroll mechanism on their laptops.

I’m certain this is a new issue. I have verified this issue exists within multiple apps from Firefox and Chrome. In the image attached to this post, the scroll bar seems to indicate that the complete list of data is displayed when in fact the view is displaying approximately 1000 rows of data. Without a scroll mechanism, this data is inaccessible.


@Michael Thanks for reporting it. A fix will be coming today or tomorrow.

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Looking forward to it. Thank you @Adam

@Adam, has a fix been pushed out. Doesn’t seem so when checking in FF this morning… Is the fix proving to be complicated then initially expected?


Is there a time frame to fix the browser scroll bars issue?

Thank you

A fix did go out for this, @Esther_Hernandez @Michael are you still seeing this behavior?

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Yes, the issue seems to be resolved for us.

The issue seems to be resolved.

Thank you