Browser view not synced - showing obsolete data and old app version

I’ve created a public app that I deployed in early Dec of last year. Since then, some of the data the app is accessing has changed and I’ve also made a few tweaks to the app, (UX changes, viewable fields, etc).
When accessing the app via mobile/tablet, you can see the current data as well as all of the changes I’ve made since deploying the app.

Here’s the link the app provides to install and view on a device

However, when you view it in a browser, the app looks like it did the day I deployed it and reflects none of the changes. None of the data has synced and none of the changes are reflected. I need to fix this because a large portion of people who will access my app will do so via an internet browser.

Here’s the link the app provides to view in a browser

I am viewing this on a Mac using macOS Big Sur v11.1

Please help!! Any insight on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


You’ve got to force a refresh on your browser. Ctrl-F5. Sorry I don’t know what it is on Mac. Clear cache and/or cookies would probably also work.

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That seemed to do the trick, thanks! I had to clear all cookies, cached data, etc, and then the force refresh worked.

Does this mean that everyone who accesses the app via a browser will have to go through this process every time a change is made or data updates? That seems painful…

Thanks again,