Browser View Not Updating

Anyone else having issues with the browser view not updating? Haven’t had this happen before but it seems to be stuck in an old version no matter what I do trying to force it to go to the latest version even though the phone and tablet views show the latest changes. Thoughts?

Try clearing your browser’s cache.

The cache and cookie clearing did work but this is not a longterm solution when you are trying to make an app where the primary view is a web view. It used to not be this way and I don’t know what has changed.

Unfortunately, cache’s (on any device/browser) can be prone to random problems causing things to break. Heck, it could be as simple as an update for the browser that then slightly messes with the cache - which is obviously completely out of AppSheet’s hands. So, I firmly believe there is no long-term solution that AppSheet can provide you in this case. Too many outside variables.

i am having the same problem. my app generate html files on every changes of the products list.
if i use the web browser integrated in appsheet, it seems its showing me cached information ever. if i clear the chrome cache does not work, only if i clear all temps of the tablet works once (because if i do changes, appear cached files)
i tried to use without offline configuration and nothing changes, and i don’t know if appsheet is using my chrome browser or instead in appsheet.
if i try to open the html files through the crhome web browser directly (without appsheet) it seems it’s working correctly, and i’m sure i have the html files with no-cache configuration

if anyone have a solution, please tell-me

Is there no solution?
This not acceptable, it is not possible to force all clients to clear their browser cache if I change something in the app. Any new findings?