Bug? Canot save "is part of" flag when another ref has the same flag

I’ve a table that reference two other tables.
The table has row lines that can belong to different document types (saved in two separate tables as headers, since they perform different jobs and have a different business logic).
While I can save the first column as “is part of” (in order to have the “new” button appear for lines when creating a new header) I cannot do the same for the other ref. If I save the table and save the app the flag is rolled-back to false.

Am I missing something?

As per my understanding, at a time one can have only one child table as “IsPartOf” for the same parent table.

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That’s an odd behavior :thinking:
do you know of a reasoning for that?

I do not.

isPartOf is primarily for the purposes of having a child record deleted when a parent record is deleted. So if a child record has more than 1 isPartOf parent record, then a decision would have to be made as to which parent deletion should trigger the child to be deleted.

It just so happens, unfortunately, that this option also affects the ability to add children from the parent’s form view. Which I assume is what a large number of people only focus on.

At least that’s my interpretation.


Wouldn’t it just be a child of more than 1 parent record so delete it on any parent being removed? I mean if the row references something that no longer exist you probably don’t want it anymore sense depending on how you set up your keys it may be useless to have the child without both parents.
Or maybe could add the extra function that databases have where you set the foreign key(ref) to null(empty) or restrict deleting the parent due to child records?

Makes sense.
But therefore this changes to a feature request: it should be possible to add row lines (children) before saving the record…even if the ref is not “isPartOf”.