BUG - Card View - Not Respecting Interactive Dashboard

@morgan Card view On Click doesn’t respect the interactive dashboard.

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Thanks Grant. I’ll add it to my bug list and get to it ASAP.

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The new view is BOMB
Getting it live for interactive dashboards will explode it’s potential because the card view is so great for summarizing information!

Hi Grant, I’ve issued a fix for this and it will likely be available to you tomorrow.


That’s awesome, looking forward to it.
Here’s something that I think would be a pretty killer addition to the card view…
Circle crop for images would be a pretty cool effect to add to it.
But the colored initial avatar circles as like a place holder… just native…

Something like this, but native…

Thanks for the suggestions Grant! The circle cropping is a relatively simple feature to add that’s on my list – I’ll look into that this week.

The Avatars are interesting. I’ve wanted these for a while, but I need to think about how to support this natively in a way that’s not too confusing for most app creators. Here are some options I’m considering:

Option 1:
For images in the card view, we add a Placeholder option. It will to show the textual avatar if the Photo column is empty. It can also have a color.

Option 2:
We have an ‘Avatar’ column type. It can use a photo or placeholder text.

Option 3:
We have a ‘Person’ column type. It works like a Ref, but points to a row in a table that has a person’s information (e.g. name, photo, email, bio).

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You know, what the platform really needs is native placeholder… How great would it be if the image column had an “ISBLANK” conditional display property, that you could designate whatever you want. It’s like the opposite of an “Initial Value” and with the context expression you can get creative about where you show what… IDK just an idea. (Cause right now the grey exclamation mark is hardcoded… this gives app builders flexibility over what placeholder is used.)

But I agree, lot’s of moving parts there with the initials, all the way down to theme colors… LOL

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That’s an interesting suggestion. Thanks! I’ll chat with my team about this idea this morning. I’ll keep you posted with progress / questions.


Now I’m just curious what other things are in the near future that we don’t know about yet.

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@morgan YAY! this is working for me.
A couple of issues, around continuity:

  • When I deselect the card view record, it deselects the other records as well…
  • When selecting a record it would be nice if it “greys” out so we know what’s selected… (This whole material design should actually be MORE in your face with what records are selected…)

I’m having patchy repeat-ability with this… I’m going to check my data and retest.

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Replying here just to note that @Grant_Stead’s idea of an ISBLANK() placeholder is spot on.

So many virtual columns could be eliminated with this.

Also similar to the TRUE/FALSE text

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