BUG? Column & Inline Action Missing From View, Replaced with _RowNumber (and No Action)

all working for us - we had to revise an order version as we made app changes.
thanks for the prompt attention to this issue and the fix :slight_smile:

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parece que si funciona, en mi caso tuve que volver a versión anterior
Mil gracias!!!

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Hi @praveen thanks for the updates here, we had this same issue this morning and have now successfully restored an app version (having tried to fix it already this morning in the editor).

We have however also noticed that each of our apps that have had the material updates rolled out this morning are now, from a UX perspective quite slow/glitchy/sometimes freeze/sometimes overlay action buttons show as a solid round circle without the logo (momentarily) etc.

Has anyone else had/reported this aspect also? I’m hoping it’s also related to the material roll out and a quick fix? Apps affected are not complex nor do they have complex formatting rules applied – they were very responsive prior to the roll out.

Many thanks in advance.

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@praveen , thank you for the quick response yesterday. This came up just as I was leaving for the day and it was good to see that you were already on it before I checked out for the day with my client.

I understand this is an edge case, and not the normal use of inline actions.
These kinds of workarounds are needed because of the lack of options with Inline Actions. They always take over the data being displayed in table view, instead of showing both, or making the data be part of the button.

If we had more control over the display of Inline Actions, we would not need to arbitrarily link buttons to unrelated columns just to get them to show up in table view next to the right column value.


Yes, i already sent it in the chat (editor)

Hi @Ed_Cottrell , do you mind creating a separate thread (in support or in the community) for the UI issues. I know there was one layout performance issue that was fixed yesterday but this other issue with the overlay buttons may not be known.

Agree totally.

At the moment, there’s a lot of change going on at all levels of the system — lots of core infrastructure changing, implementations of various layers changing. In this case, I am refactoring Actions (which currently are a grab bag of data change actions and UI navigations) into separate clean concepts. Plus of course, major things like the automation work.

As things get to a better foundation and everyone on the dev team is ramped up with all of the complexities of the platform, we then start fixing some of the oddities and limitations that exist on the edges. This is happening at different rates in different parts of the system. We are furthest along in the backend infrastructure, and the least far along in the editor and app UI. Sort of reflecting where most of our energies went in the first year (moving the backend infrastructure off Azure and onto GCP). It takes a year of that deep engagement and learning unfortunately because the platform is a rather complex piece of software.


All the best sir !

Waiting for new changes in performance wise and many other UI improvements.

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