Bug: Dashboard Charts - Not able to view chart data on mobile

There actually are 2 bugs that have surfaced.

  1. The menu that contains the chart data button, appears when it should not and does nothing when tapped.

  2. On mobile, cannot “expand” a dashboard chart to the chart view ion order to get at the Data button menu.

The video below shows these issues. To put a textual explanation on it…In either a Browser view of the app or a device view of the app, when the navigations takes you to a Chart view (not dashboard), the “3 vertical dots” menu appears and contains the Data button allowing users to peek at the data used behind the chart. The issue happens when you navigate to a Dashboard with charts. The menu remains even though it really cannot be applied. This menu should be removed again when in Dashboard view.

On mobile, when in a Dashboard view, there is no way to get to the data button to view the data. To be consistent with the Browser view, there should be some way to click a chart and have it navigate away from the Dashboard to that Chart view, providing the “3 vertical dots” menu and allowing access to the Data button.