BUG? - Default App Folder

Alright, what am I doing wrong, or is this actually a bug?



Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Really appreciate you taking a look.
That did NOT fix it…

Try deleting all your existing folders where it is currently dumping it and also remove from trash and try again.

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Support got back with me. They were able to reproduce it, and are going to work on fixing the bug. (I still might try to correct it myself by “resetting” everything…)

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Glad to hear. Could you post what it was exactly when its working properly?

I will.

@Steve_Howard this is the community post for this.
After you find a fix, if you could post here that would be cool to.

So, the bad news is that this field’s use is a lot more limited than its name would imply. This field specifies where images get stored when the data source can’t store it (e.g. SQL).

I don’t know if this can help you accomplish exactly what you want, but you can set a new root folder on the Account Settings page, which will apply to newly created apps.

Hi @Grant_Stead,
The “app folder” is a folder that is created for every app “in case” something needs to be stored along with the app (in your use case, all the Google sheets, etc). It does not have direct relationship with where the captured images are stored.

For table named “MyTable” with a Image column, which is created from a Google sheet say “MySheet”, all the captured images will be stored in a subfolder that is in the same folder as where “MySheet” is located. By default the name of the image subfolder is “MyTable_Images”, but you can change the name of this subfolder by going to

  1. “Data”->“Columns”, find the Image Column and click edit
  2. Find “Image/File folder path” under “Type Details” and type in the subfolder name of your choice
    This is explained and documented here if you are interested – https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/961589-capturing-images

And for your use case of creating a “root” folder for your images used by different apps, you can place the Google sheet (currently in “SG_APPLICATIONS/REQUIRED”) that you are going to use to create the “SETUP” table in the “SG_APPLICATIONS/APPDATA” folder. That way since the Google sheet is in the “APPDATA” folder, the images will automatically go to “SETUP_Images” subfolder under “APPDATA” as well. Or you can change the subfolder name using the method I show above.



Thanks, i’ll take a look!