Bug Encountered: No space after header column

In Detail view, header columns have less space after them than ordinary columns. The result is as follows:

As I think this is rather ugly. it makes me consider using some sort of graphic in place of the “Congratulations!” text header, but text would be preferable because it loads faster.

I wish AppSheet’s headers followed the norms of HTML. Here, for example, is what HTML produces with simple H1 and P tags.


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Consider using a Show column of category Page_Header or section_Header instead of the header columns. The downside is that action button occur above the Show columns.

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Thanks! I was unaware of these possibilities. I look into it!!

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@Steve’s suggestion helped me find a mode of display that I like a good deal better. Thanks again!

There are two problems, however. One is the white space above the title, and another is that it’s necessary to use format rules to adjust the size of the text in order to make it look like a header. Still, this is something I can definitely feel a good deal more comfortable with. Also, I still think it would be good for AppSheet to improve the spacing on headers designated in detail views.