Bug encountered, Result is not the actual

This is what I see in my table view,

But When I extracted the csv of the view, these are the results, respectively. (This is the correct one)

For everyone’s info, this is a VC, that calculates dates.

Please contact support@appsheet.com directly for help with this.

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Noted on this, I’m still waiting for their reply. For the meantime, just in case someone came accross the same issue, this is what I found out so far, For this particular row, it’s value is presented in another value, affecting all other records. The other rows seems to be doing fine, but since this value is set different, it afected all the other rows.

So what I did was, I created a helper column and to test the SELECT() function referring to that column. and there you go,TEST123 column showed a different value… why.

I used this expression.

Let’s just say that the InterestHelpingColumn is essential part when computing for the “Interest Date Covered” column that I have shown in the beginning