Bug Encountered: Similar column name removed from slice

I’m working on a flashcard app that has a “real” column called “Word” and a virtual column called “Word size.” Today I noticed that when I deleted the “Word size” column, the “Word” column was deleted from the slice too. I hope this can be fixed soon. It takes valuable time to replace the columns that are removed unnecessarily like this.

Have you seen the same with other columns/tables or was it just this one case? I tried to reproduce the same behavior but it didn’t delete the normal column from the slice. Do you have something special in your column/table structure that could cause this kind of behavior?

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I’m not sure. It occurred with many slices and took a while to fix. I’ll make a copy of my app and see if I can reproduce the issue.

Thanks, by the way, for your looking into this right away!


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I was able to replicate the problem.

I made an extremely simple app with one table containing the “real” columns “Key”, “Word”, and “Definition” and the virtual column “Word size”. Then I made a slice with the same columns.

Next, when I added another virtual column with the name “Word size” (a duplicate column error I had actually made in editing my own app), I not only got an error but this happened:

In other words, the “Word” column in the original slice (which was third from the top) was changed to “Word size” for some reason.

Of course, this only happened because I made a mistake. Still, the platform seems to have compounded the problem caused by my error.

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Thanks for the repro. @Adam Any thoughts?