Bug? Error when event should be triggered

I’m attempting to test the new automation tool but have hit what appears to be a bug with no apparent way to troubleshoot it. I have a simple event that should get triggered when a field is updated to “TRUE” as shown below:

Whenever I update the field within the app, instead of running the subsequent process/action I get an error in the new automation diagnostics log:

Since the event data is all “NULL” maybe the automation isn’t working correctly with security filters in place? There doesn’t seem to be any way to really tell what the error actually is.

Hi there, thanks for trying out new automation feature!
In your case, since the event is defined to only trigger the process if “[Finalized] = TRUE” and in the event instance, all fields are null, hence the process is not fired.
Status being “Error” should probably be “Filtered”.

Since you mentioned security filters and I think that is why all the fields are null, would you be able to share more details?
It’s likely that current Automation is not working correctly with security filters yet.


The security filter currently in place for this table is:

CONCATENATE([refjobsite],": ",
)=usersettings("Payroll Period"),[refjobsite]=usersettings("Jobsite")


Hi, sorry for the long wait.
I was trying to test with my own app to see if automation is working correctly with security filter, but I am not able to reproduce.
If you don’t mind, could you please email support@appsheet.com with details of your app and allow access to your apps – go to https://www.appsheet.com/account/account#_tab_acctConfig and check the option that enables support access.

We will investigate the issue.


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