Bug?: Format Rules are not applied as intended

I have created a Format Rules that changes the color when the value in the column [Total Approved budget 1] is 0.
However, even when the value displayed is not zero, the Format Rules are applied and the color changes. This is not the intended behavior.
When I checked the Expression Result in the Test screen of Format Rules, I found that Y/N was properly calculated according to the column values.
When I delete this Format Rules, the color goes to the default state, so there is no other Format Rules changing the color.
Why does it behave this way?
Is there a workaround?

Tip: [Total Approved budget 1] is a Virtual Column that sums the values of other tables.


Did you save your changes after adding the format rule? In my experience, format rules don’t always work properly in the app emulator of the app editor until the changes are saved.

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As you say, it may not be reflected properly unless we save after the change.
I also saved and synced, but it doesn’t work properly.


Given that, you’ll want to contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

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Yes even I experienced the same.