BUG *** Formula works differently when called by a workflow

So I have this forumula

([Total Time]*50)+(([Weight]/1000)*200)+SUM([Related Extras][Price])

To get around using it in a Virtual Column I have it in 3 places:
1 = As Initial Value with Reset on Edit turned on
2 = As an Event Action to update this when you create or edit an item in a sub table
3 = As an action in a workflow that runs when an item in a subtable is deleted

The first 2 work fine. 1 above calculates [Total Price] as £204. I then add a £100 item in a subtable and it updates the figure to £304. Proving that 2 above works. But When I delete the £100 item it calculates to £144. Hmmm

After much studying it’s the (([Weight]/1000)*200) is basically ignoring as this totals £60 in this example.

I’ve change this to ([Weight]*0.2) which mathmatically is the same, but why should this work and the other not, and why only in a workflow? Raising the issue as a new user might see this and stop using appsheet if it seems like it can’t even add up.

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