Bug: GO TO THE PROBLEM links don't work when there's a value in the editor search

When the app has an error, there’s a helpful GO TO THE PROBLEM link that usually takes you right to the right place in the editor.
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 12.03.04 PM
But when there’s a search term already filtering what’s displayed in the editor, the Table/Column/View/etc causing the problem is missing if it’s name doesn’t match your previous search.

In other words, GO TO THE PROBLEM needs to be updated to clear the Editor Search parameter before going to the problem.


Yes, you’re right we should clear the search before going to the problem so that the entity (table/column/view) shows up. I have a small fix that has been approved – hopefully it’ll be deployed as early as later today. Thanks for the report :+1:


Thanks @nico!

That’s similar to the ones pointed out a week or two ago. When clicking on definition from a UX view to get to the table or slice and when clicking on the UX view or data source at the bottom of the emulator. Both of those still mess up when a value exists in the filter.

Yes, you’re right it’s a similar problem. Did you try recently? I think it’s fixed for Tables and Views (seems like I forgot to clear the slice search, I’ll add a bugfix for that too).


Partially fixed. Based on my testing right now.

UX.See Definition still is blocked if there is a search value entered in the slice for a slice.

UX.See Definition still is blocked if there is a search value entered in Columns.

from the Emulator: Table: still blocked if search value in Slice and clicking on a Slice

from the Emulator: Table: I don’t have a view based directly on a table to check if it works.

from the Emulator: View: does clear the search value and opens the correct view! yea!

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I see, it can be a problem for both the “View Columns” and “View Table”, “View Definition”, as well so the search should be cleared in those cases too. I’ll see if I can fix those cases as well.


Thanks Nico.