Bug icons programming view

Good morning, in my company there are 2\3 Colleagues that don’t display and even use the icons in the programming view.In this specific case, for example, the icons are not displayed to drag the columns in the order you want.

What is the solution?

Perhaps browser extensions/add-ons are interfering?

Hello Steve,I don’t know.In our site there are 20\30 colleagues that are using appsheet.
Each person have a personal account with internet limitated only to Gsuite.
This problem is restricted only to 2-3 colleagues.

Where could I check for extensions\add-ons?

Your IT department is best equipped to help with this.

I am new to AppSheet, but also seeing something similar. the view is like there’s a major update to the editor?

Just started happening in my editor as well (5 minutes ago).

Tried clearing cache, etc - didn’t help.

It seems already back to normal now…