Bug in App formula expression

I had 3 tables where they have several columns with this kind of expression:
The “TRUE” value gets the [Y/N], where I change the subject values to Spanish (No/Si), and “table data local” is set in Spanish.
TRUE/FALSE values in the spreadsheet are automatically translated in Spanish, in all 3 spreadsheet tables when the value is add by the App.


The weird thing is that the expressions are working fine in one table, but they are not working at all in other two tables.
All expressions are simple as the example above, some of them are decimal or number type column, in the spreadsheet columns are set as automatic with 1 decimal digit.

Did you get this figured out?

  • My thought goes to the thought:
    • If you’re translating the TRUE to Si in the sheet, is that actually changing the value?
      (Because “TRUE” <> “Si”)

It was a syntax issue, thanks for your feedback!

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