Bug in Push notification


I had a workflow with this expression: LINKTOROW([Fecha_de_Reporte],“Data_Detail”)
Push notification is send it OK to the device, but after clicking on the notification from an Android device, it opens the App but is not syncing to show the Detail view, it just open the App but shows a grey screen instead of showing the Detail view.
Few days ago it was working fine.

My guess would be that the Fecha_de_Reporte column is not the key column of whatever table or slice the Data_Detail view uses. The first argument to LINKTOROW() must be a key column value.

Have you recently changed the table’s key column?

[Fecha_de_Reporte] is the Keycolumn.

Then perhaps the specific key doesn’t exist?

Please post a screenshot of the workflow that includes the LINKTOROW() expression.

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Please also post a screenshot of the Data_Detail view configuration.

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I don’t see anything wrong with the configuration you’v shared. I’m afraid I’m at a loss! I’m going to have to encourage you to engage support@appsheet.com for further help.

Ok Thaks Steve!

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