Bug? Inline Deck views only show first record

(Janis Majors) #1

Recently, inline Deck views started showing only the first record, so the user has to select View (x) to see the rest. If the app is synced while the inline view is shown, all records will then be shown. But as soon as you leave the detail view and go back, again only the first record of the inline view is shown.

This only happens for inline DECK views. Inline table views are OK, showing all related records as they are supposed to.

Is this a bug, or a new design for inline Deck views? I have many detail views where I’d like the user to see an inline Deck view with a list of ALL related records, not just the first one.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

It should not work like that… would you please send these specs to support@appsheet.com, thanks.
#1 - Your account ID number
#2 - App name
#3 - Your device’s OS version
#4 - The downloaded Appsheet’s app version number in your device (like 13.0)
#5 - Are other apps working with the same device as normally
#6 - Have you tried the app with another device like desktop browser

(Janis Majors) #3

Thanks Aleksi. Have sent an email to support. The answers to #5 and #6, in case it has general interest here, is that the behavior is consistent across all my apps, and also in the desktop browser.

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(Janis Majors) #4

FYI, already received an answer from Morgan at support:
“This is a known issue. I’ve been looking into it, and hope to have a fix shortly. I will notify you when I’ve published the fix. It’s a high priority.”

(Rosemary Black) #5

I am encountering this also. Timeframe for a fix?