Bug-ish report. A client just reported back

Bug-ish report.

A client just reported back to me:

“Why does the top of the app say, ‘Report Inline?’ What does that mean?”

Well… uh… it’s the system name of the view.

That I can’t change. (^_^)

I’ll see what I can do.


@Adam_Stone_AppSheet any chance we could get a display name for the system created inline views?

We got the form and details… just missing the other part of the bunch.


I believe you can change the Display Name for the system-generated views

Not inlines… :frowning:

@praveen @Adam_Stone_AppSheet

When you click the

View button under the inline view, the inline ref table is shown and if you set the option to show view names on top, you see it as TableName_Inline

Ah. duh! ok, will enable!

@Levent_KULACOGLU @praveen @Adam_Stone If you enable the “Show view names in header” - that’s the scenario I’m having.

My users reported they would often “loose where I am” in the app, but by putting the display name of the view in the header we can provide context.

Further, since the display name is formula supporting… things can become dynamic.


That’s always fun!

@praveen Thank you for enabling this. I did many Copies of the System Views, just because we could not change the Display Name. So this would be a nice feature :slight_smile:

@praveen I was deep in flow on an app, when it hit me… two steps ago I had just changed the display name of an inline view!


@praveen seems they’ve gone missing again. :wink:

No, probably not. We didn’t deploy on Friday, so the change probably hasn’t gone out yet

Screen Recording 2019-02-19 at PM.gif cl.ly


Just create a copy of the system generated inline view. Now you can change the name of it.

@Levent_KULACOGLU but now you’ve got an extra inline view… right?

Is the system one is still there?


You can delete the system generated view if you want. They are automatically generated just for ease of development, that’s all


The problem with appsheet users is one that reminds me of a difficulty faced by game masters for role playing games:

you give players five distinct ways out of a room, and each player will come up with their own unique way that completely circumvents the five that you’ve prepared for. :smile:

I originally did design apps that way, but then I ended up getting these strange reports of people saying that things were missing from of you. I go in check to find that nothing had changed at all, and in a few instances we hadn’t updated the app for over a year.

What happened was the user had found a way to get that system generated view, most likely because that system-generated view is considered the root view.

It was creating a whole bunch of confusion, so I switched design tactics to start using the system generated views as much as possible.

Even routing people using a event action to send them to the root view from a slices table.

The system views were meant to avoid the need to make your own inline views, so it would be preferable to configure those rather than replacing and deleting them and hoping the system won’t recreate them. I don’t know why the display name is unavailable there, but it seems like it should be configurable. @praveen

Adam is exactly right — the idea is for you to change the system views.

To the original question — where do we show the name of an inline view? Usually, we only show the name for a Detail view or something like that. An Inline view is shown inline — so there usually isn’t a spot for its name.

So I think, we intentionally don’t show the Display Name option. Maybe there is some scenario where this is needed? If so, it would be easy to enable in the editor

Following. In my experience you can delete System Views, but after saving they will appear again.

Any progress on this? I run into this scenario quite frequently…

Each system view now has a “Display Name” field, you can find them in the “Display” section.
This is true for detail, form, and inline system views.