Bug: Launch Image does not show on initial sync

Why does the Launch image not show when I enter the app during initial sync? It shows during manual sync, but it would look much nicer if the image showed during initial sync as well. Thanks!

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@morgan is this a question you can better answer?

@morgan or @JCadence, any thoughts?

If I need to clarify, I mean when the user first enters the app, you see a syncing screen if you have initial sync on, but the image background never shows up. It just shows as gray. If you need a screen recording video of this I might be able to provide it.

I can reproduce the issue. Will chat with the frontend team tomorrow.


Any updates? Thanks @Steve_Howard!

Working on a fix. Expect to have it out this week.


Looks like it is fixed. Thank you very much for your quick response!

This is still buggy. I seem to always get the default native background. Sometimes I get my actual background, it’s hit and miss. Right now I’m getting a mix of the stock default and on old background which I’ve replaced. I only see the new background in the app editor, not on my ios.

How do you open your app?

A. From another appsheet app
B. With the custom icon on your homescreen
C. From the AppSheet ios app

From the Appsheet IOS app. Also my app editor (browser) is flaky…if I open the app “as tablet” or “desktop” then I see the same issues.