Bug: Multiple format rules with different colors won't work correctly

I have found this topic which is exactly the same problem i am facing, however i am not sure if someone from appsheet has looked into this.

I want to have two icons in the same column, each icon has different colors. However the color of the format rule in the bottom will be prioritized over the color of the format rule in the top.

In the pic bellow the rule color blue from “Entrada”, is choosen over the other format rule color green “Verificado”. Both get blue coloured.

I believe this is an error, since for each rule you are allowed to choose the color you want.

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Hi @Thiago_Calcagniti
It might help if you supplied the format rules you are using.


This is a known behavior. When you have more than one colored icon for the same column it shows the color from the latest format rule. If you need two colors, and they both are visible, you need one extra column.


Hi , two rules are affecting same column [Valor].

  1. Rule Verificado: Green Icon at column [Valor] if ISNOTBLANK([Verificado])
  2. Rule Entrada: Blue Icon at column [Valor] if column [Tipo] = “Receita”

Blue Icon rule is bellow Green Icon Rule.

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Hi @Aleksi , thank you for explaining appsheet behaviour, i was not aware.

However from the perspective point from the one that is building the app, this is not the expected behaviour by applying to Format Rules with different colors in the same column don’t you agree ?

Is it possible to do something about it? :pleading_face:
I kinda recognize this as a really small error or bug.

Thank you in advance.



Hej @Steve !! Thanks for sending, i learned Format Rules by myself, so i never read this doc ahehaeh!
I have gone now through the text from the Help Documentation carefully i hope.

In the first section Concepts

In case of text, i understand why this has to be like this, because it is one text for two rules.

In case of icons both are shown, this is ok acc to documentation.
But it is two different icons, it doesn’t make much sense they have the same color.
It seems Appsheet internally reserves only one variable for the icons’ color in a Column , and then for the color it behaves like if it was for a text, like in the first paragraph i added. :pleading_face:

Would hope that the color for each icon could work acc to the color in the format rule when they happen simultaneously! Could be a Bug or maybe a Feature Request.

Could i place it as Feature Request?