Bug on report - sending SMS

Hi all,

I’ve been meeting an issue for a few days now, cannot find where that comes from.

My report does not work anymore on the schedule way, but I have to run it manually.
Here are the settings :

Once again, nothing goes at 12:20AM, but if I click on “Run” button, the recipients receive their SMS.

I was suspecting any trouble on the “If this is true” section, but that does not make sense to have trouble here and beging able to send successfully messages through the “Run” button.

Do you have any clue about this issue ?

Many thanks


What is the If this is true expression?


IN([Barcode Employe],ListingMvtsJour[UtilisateurResponsableActuel]),

[Barcode Employe]<>“169”,
[Barcode Employe]<>“100”

ListingMvtsJour is a slice from a Table “Outillages”, based on [Date chgt Statut] column which is a timeStamp column

Running the workflow manually from the app editor bypasses the If this is true condition, so we can reasonably conclude the problem is with the condition. Have you tested the condition in Expression Assistant?

Yes, it seems OK ?

Here is what I have in the slice data:

The OK relates to the one expected but not received;the 169 is OK not to receive it

Use the Test button in Expression Assistant to test.

Sorry for misunderstanding your resquest :grinning:

Here is the result : seems to meet what I expected (I had a look on the whole result, only two gave a “Yes”, this is an extract):

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The next step is to try this:

Hi @Steve,

Thanks. The report is supposed to be fired at 12:20AM, so I will keep you informed of the log content when I’ll have it. Here it’s currently 7:36AM, so it will be a little later.

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Hi @Steve

I eventually got it : I probably made a mistake on scheduled time : I use to work with a 24h-based time, so I think I wrote a mistake.
I got new informations : all SMS were pushed, but at 00:20am (middle of the night for France)

Here is what I got, and log in the Twilio system:

I changed it for:

I will see today if this new setting matches what I expect.
I’ll let you know !

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with the new setting, nothing has been pushed at expected time : 12:20am (which is, for me, twenty past twelve, in the middle of the day).
That will be probably pushed around midnight, like yesterday.

Do you have any idea of what I should write for having it ?

Hmm… 12:20am is 20 minutes after midnight. If AM or PM occur in a time, the time is in 12-hour format, not 24-hour format.

Unfortunately, I’m just not familiar enough with SMS notifications and Twilio integration to help you further. I recommend you engage support@appsheet.com for more help.

…twenty past twelve, in the middle of the day…” is actually 12:20pm, not 12:20am…12:20 am is pure midnight as per 12h time.

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I will try this one then !
Thank you for your help :grinning:

I’ll let you know, @Steve and @LeventK !

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