Bug or intended? Export to CSV is based on base table not what's shown

The Export this view to CSV seems to export the base table/slice and not take into account what is displayed in the view. So my ordering from my view does not affect the csv, the columns shown from my view does not affect the csv. I would think “Export this view” would export the exact view I’m looking at not the table/slice structure. Even if this is intended I’d really want this to be changed from “export this view”.

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Yes, and if you consider that it shows all columns for only the displayed/filtered rows, it seems to then be a little contradictory - all columns but only displayed rows.

I can see an argument for both:

  • only displayed columns
  • all row columns in datasource (table/slice) maybe there are too many to reasonably display.

At the very least maybe there should be a switch on the action to be able to choose.

The issue I have seen is with filtering. You MUST have the column in the Slice to filter by it but then its shown in the CSV file which you don’t really want. This is especially problematic when it is sensitive data.

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