Bug or normal behavior?

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Here the deal,

I have a Table lets call it table A as well as a Table b

I have an action that Executes multiple actions.

Action 1
I have an action Called Start, when this is pressed it generated a unique id in one of the columns in table A

Action 2
This action open a form in Table B and prefils a column with the unique ID i generated in Table A

The problem is this, sometimes the key column gets filled into the table, sometimes it doesn’t. If I desperate the actions and run them very quick, it seems to not work, if I wait a few seconds it does work. How can I get around this? Or is this a bug?

The App Actually needs to fully sync before this ID is copied to the form…??

Evan if it is a date column, app needs to fully sync before recognizing this, any type of column.

I’ve figured out a workaround where I have just created a behind the scenes reference, and this works instantly, but is this normal that one would need to do this?

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It seems the discussion in this thread is identifying the same behavior?


Yes I Think your right, annoying took me a while but its working fantastic now.

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Hey Jonathan,

Did you find a way to workaround that one please ???

I am facing the same issue :confused: .

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No, I Wish it was. I’ve told my Users to just press yes because its a completely pointless warning. Saying that data may be lost after it has already synced? I’m hoping App-sheet will fix this soon. Not normal behavior and should not be happening. I myself believe this is a bug. They are not checking if app has synced before they display warning.

Hi Jonathan, I could fix the issue yesterday, I was using a LINKTOFORM instead of a LINKTOROW. My bad… Don’t know if it can help, maybe!

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What post are you referring too? :slight_smile:

Here we go !