BUG: Parent Child Relationship - Child not storing parent REF id on entry

I have a parent / child scenario. I’m using a detail screen to display the parent information and inline views for the user to input the child information. When the user presses ADD in the child section, the parent’s id should automatically be stored to the child table allowing the user to input any corresponding information and establishing the relationship. This has worked as expected for about 2 years but today I received an inquiry from a client that led me to confirm this issue - parent ref_id not storing. I’ve checked here in the community and have ruled out any of the scenario’s. Any help would be outstanding!

Thank you!

Is route_id populated in the form view that creates the child row?

Here is a temporary solution but I’m waiting for the real solution cause there is a strange problem with interactions between fields too. Maybe help us comment in this link


A million thanks for the reference Luis! I’ll keep an eye on the thread ongoing.

Thanks again!