BUG: Primary/Menu views "hidden" via show_if=FALSE are now showing completely blank

Just sent this to support, posting here as a notification to anyone else.

It appears that within the last couple of days there has been a change. I have several views in Menu or bottom nav-bar prominence, with a show_if condition of FALSE. These views can be navigated to (via action and/or custom nav menus), but the views are now showing up completely blank. Example:

Removing the FALSE appears to fix the issue.

This is a common technique to block views from overriding inline views (by keeping them out of Ref prominence), but keep them from showing up in the menu/nav-bar.


Escalated by @Aleksi.


I actually think that this is a new update that allows new expressions for the view’s show if, such as USERROLE(), CONTEXT, and LOOKUP across ref views, not just Primary and Menu views.
I haven’t fully tested though to see. I hope this is the case though because there are a lot of reasons this would beneficial.
I would get inconsistent behavior when I tried these before.